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Our practices are focused on the need of each client through customized services that offer the best solution: advisory, business or litigation.

Our practices cover all aspects of Labor Law, such as: due diligence to identify non-materialized risks, legal advice and human resources, strategic litigation, union negotiations, and compliance investigations involving labor issues, the details of which can be found below


Our labor consulting services provision involves all aspects of labor law (individual, collective, union, and procedural). We seek to meet the needs of each client by providing effective and customized preventive work that includes risk analysis, contracts, advice, procedures and internal policies, legal advice, support in investigations, among others.

By way of example, we indicate the following activities:

  • Analysis of the impacts of legislative changes on the company’s internal policies and business;
    Support advice to Human Resources department, both on day-to-day topics and specific projects;
  • Formal legal opinions involving labor and social security legislation;
  • Preparation and review of contracts involving labor relations (with or without employment relationship);
  • Labor due diligence to identify hidden or materialized labor liabilities, both for the client and parties involved in company mergers and acquisitions, among others.


Our services are essentially focused on strategic litigation, and we work in special cases and complex legal disputes. We work at administrative and judicial spheres at all levels, as well as with the Labor Prosecution Office.

We defend our clients’ interests at all procedural stages, from out-of-court settlements to prevent litigation, to strategic meetings, preparation of brief, appearances at hearings, discussions in Court, until the outcome of the case with solutions that best meet clients’ interests.

Our activities in the Labor litigation area include:

  • Management of procedural information, with our system for registration of, and follow-up on, lawsuits and issuance of customized status reports, with direct feeding in client’s system (management software);
  • Defense or filing of collective strike, legal and economic disputes; Preparation and implementation of litigation reduction plans through strategic settlements;
  • Defenses in public-interest civil actions and civil investigations commenced by the Labor Prosecution Office (MPT);
  • Lawsuits against employees or former employees seeking redress for losses or damage, among others.


We provide assistance in the development, training, and review of labor compliance programs, with a focus on establishing and checking compliance of client’s labor relations practices with the applicable law. We advise our clients in drafting policies on the adaptation and compliance with the requirements imposed by the General Data Protection Act (LGPD) and compliance with the e-social.

Our activities in the labor compliance area involve:

  • Review and development of internal compliance policies and compliance with the LGPD;
  • Labor legal advice to compliance committees or the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO);
  • Preparation and review of corporate policies in light of legislation, internal rules, and corporate integrity, with the creation of anonymous tip hotlines and management tools;
  • Risk assessment for various situations, among others.


We are a close partner in the Human Resources area of our clients. We seek to understand the real needs and distinctiveness of each company, taking part in internal evaluations, whether routine or strategic, offering answers that aim to improve the human capital management of organizations, always in simple and straightforward language.

We provide assistance in the adaptation of human resources policies implemented by companies nationally and internationally. Our activities also involve the resolution of routine labor consultations, from simpler topics to the development of strategic HR plans.

Our activities in the Human Resources area involve:

  • Preparation, review, and adaptation of internal policies related to remuneration, hires and separations, and other matters related to the better management of the workforce;
  • Analysis of outsourcing processes and use of non-employee service providers, seeking to minimize risks;
    Legal check-up focused on Human Resources Department;
  • Preparation and review of the various types of labor contracts (with or without employment relationship) for the company’s own employees, outsourced workers, or senior management members;
  • Lectures and internal training on Labor Law matters, according to the needs of each client, among others.


We represent and advise companies on issues of union law, ranging from assistance in the identification of the right union classification, to collective bargaining, support in union meetings, including defense of the company’s interests in collective labor disputes.

Our services in the union area include:

  • Attendance and business advice in workers’ meetings;
  • Legal counsel and advice on the preparation of Collective Agreement (Collective Labor Agreements and Collective Bargaining Agreements, Profit Sharing Plans, Banked Hours, special work schedules, etc.);
  • Representation in Mediation and Collective Labor Disputes.
    Union litigation (representation, mandatory union dues);
  • Legal support in union negotiations, including through attendance in round tables and mediations before the Labor Ministry – MTE, Labor Prosecution Office – MPT or Regional Labor Court – TRT.